Theater workshop „children´s rights”

Wann: 21.08.19 / 11:16

There were three people who run the workshop. One was a film director, one was a drama teacher and one was studying pedagogics.


So tell me Sandra, how did you like it?" "I really liked it."

"Was it in German?" "Yes it was."

"Which role did you have, Sandra?" "I played the mother but I couldn't choose my role." 

"What did you do Hannah?" "Well I played Lazar´s wife and the mother of Brianne." 

"Which role did you play, Jacob?" "I was Michelle´s father. We were on a family party and we had a discussion about religion." 

"Did you like the workshop?" "Yes, I really liked the workshop however I could not stay until the end."

"Snejha, you played Samuel´s mother. Did you like acting?" "I liked acting and the role but I am too shy to play in a theatre." 

"Katja you played Beni´s and Stefan´s mother. Did you enjoy your role?" "Yes, I think it was fun. I really got new insights about freedom of speech." 

"Tami you were her sister. You had to scream and cry. Was it hard to do?”  "No, I actually liked playing the emotional part."

"Hanna you were the teacher. Did you like acting?" "No, I guess I don´t like acting because I don´t like being watched and I don´t like to act in front of other people."

"Eli, what was your experience?" "Well, I always started laughing when we had to concentrate. That was irritating. But finally I worked it out."


We really thank Miss Vergörer for organizing this workshop. It was a great experience!


Text: Tamara Matras (2FS)